First-class Bowling in Ireland for 2018 (Ordered by Average)

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Haris Sohail (Pak)6010    
PR Stirling (Ire)120110    
J Anderson (Lein)360240    
EJ Richardson (Lein)480570    
J Magee (Nor)601600    
JI Mulder (Nor)960630    
Rahat Ali (Pak)1803930    
JNK Shannon (Nor)3611521-77.5000
Mohammad Abbas (Pak)2371411095-6612.2210
JA McCollum (Nor)9626255-3212.4010
Mohammad Aamer (Pak)236147253-6314.4000
GRJ Kennedy (NW)3001013383-3616.6200
TJ Murtagh (Ire)246810064-4516.6600
NL Smith (Nor)4831911-1919.0000
A Balbirnie (Ire,Lein)16265833-5019.3300
D Scanlon (NW)60115374194-6119.6800
Shadab Khan (Pak)264109443-3123.5000
CA Young (NW)74530400175-6023.5210
JL Barnes (Lein)245129743-4624.2500
HT Tector (Nor)4681223094-7025.5500
SR Thompson (Ire,NW)73429386153-6225.7300
MC Sorensen (Lein)186610944-2727.2500
Simranjit Singh (Lein)6663027193-3930.1100
J Cameron-Dow (Nor)79122422145-10130.1410
AR McBrine (NW)6004418464-3530.6600
PKD Chase (Lein)65014420135-2432.3010
JB Little (Lein)123210333-9534.3300
KJ O'Brien (Ire,Lein)16866922-4934.5000
WB Rankin (Ire,NW)390724672-4235.1400
NR Allen (NW)15657121-935.5000
MR Adair (Nor)4031523363-3338.8300
MAC McCord (Nor)9044111-2241.0000
GH Dockrell (Lein)7933039583-12049.3700
SC Getkate (Nor)3481421941-1854.7500
GE Kidd (Nor)4601824142-10060.2500
Fahim Ashraf (Pak)13856911-1869.0000
DCA Delany (Lein)12658611-4786.0000
TE Kane (Ire,Lein)6482035242-3588.0000
NB Smith (Nor)15649511-9595.0000
PS Eaglestone (Nor)183214811-63148.0000





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