First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 2005/06 (Ordered by Average)

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MJ Powell (Ot)6070    
RS Morton (WI)6070    
SL Stewart (Cant)300220    
IA Robertson (Cant)360440    
PJ Ingram (CD)962470    
AW Evans (ND)1026520    
AJ McKay (Auck)1093600    
RN Lewis (WI)1748700    
AM Ellis (Cant)1687880    
CD Cumming (Ot)324181250    
BJ Leonard (ND)17431380    
GR Stead (Cant)30011-00.0000
CL Cairns (Cant)15074443-1811.0000
NJ Astle (NZ,Cant)49236133103-6313.3000
A Singh (ND)5403822-3819.0000
JM McMillan (Ot)31910191104-3219.1000
KP Walmsley (Auck)75622441236-2419.1720
SE Bond (NZ,Cant)52323252135-6919.3810
JDP Oram (CD)51628217116-4519.7210
CZ Harris (Cant)110462375194-4419.7300
MJ Mason (CD)148186577295-2619.8910
IJL Trott (Ot)3001416584-3520.6200
CH Gayle (WI)319912764-7121.1600
DL Vettori (NZ,ND)5082718183-9222.6200
S Rasmussen (Well)73839323144-3923.0700
MR Gillespie (Well)178660996436-10523.1620
JEC Franklin (NZ,Well)113947570247-3023.7520
IE O'Brien (Well)63036287124-1223.9100
WC McSkimming (Ot)178588702284-6025.0700
BC Hiini (Cant)70231331135-8225.4610
AR Adams (Auck)125957614246-4925.5810
BE Scott (Ot)163984592235-4825.7310
DJ Bowden (Well)54026286113-5326.0000
DBL Powell (WI)169810444-8326.0000
KD Mills (NZ,Auck)86126523204-9126.1500
LJ Hamilton (CD)142664691266-3426.5710
MM Patel (CD)120155505196-12126.5720
LJ Shaw (Auck)73223429163-1026.8100
NT Broom (Ot)2702711-1827.0000
SB Styris (NZ,Auck)2361011042-2327.5000
NAM McLean (Cant)51920276104-6527.6000
MG Orchard (ND)81644367134-5128.2300
GD Elliott (Well)99645452163-4428.2500
GR Todd (Ot)7535822-2629.0000
BR Findlay (Cant)13258832-5729.3300
FH Edwards (WI)309620675-6529.4210
CE Shreck (Well)79824444155-6429.6020
GS Shaw (Ot)354327295-4930.2210
TK Canning (Auck)149781585194-4830.7800
AJ Redmond (Ot)2651012544-7931.2500
DG Sewell (Ot)120649610194-5832.1000
BJ Diamanti (CD)125437709226-7332.2221
JD Ryder (Well)70529334103-2133.4000
RJ Fouhy (Well)2341110332-3534.3300
EP Thompson (CD)190273958274-5235.4800
JAF Yovich (ND)127734805227-7236.5910
BP Martin (ND)168071803215-7338.2320
RR Sherlock (Cant)4171326873-9238.2800
DR Smith (WI)210811533-7138.3300
IDR Bradshaw (WI)4811526973-7338.4200
CS Martin (NZ,Auck)123643667173-7539.2300
TD Astle (Cant)2161011932-5739.6600
GJT Hegglun (CD)13258022-5940.0000
NL McCullum (Ot)110344529135-2840.6910
JM How (NZ,CD)2581112332-6641.0000
BJ Arnel (ND)5391724762-6641.1600
JE Taylor (WI)5424511-3945.0000
L Vincent (Auck)7844611-1746.0000
GW Aldridge (ND)148562715152-3547.6600
JS Patel (Well)97039499102-4249.9000
HK Bennett (Cant)109330752154-4350.1300
TI Lythe (Auck)6832140582-4650.6200
JAH Marshall (ND)9625111-3351.0000
PJ Wiseman (Cant)110651526102-3152.6000
GEF Barnett (CD)5805711-1057.0000
CE Ross (Cant)264917232-7457.3300
MS Sinclair (CD)4982817432-4258.0000
LRPL Taylor (CD)312717732-3459.0000
BE Hefford (CD)3721717831-3759.3300
LJ Woodcock (Well)3842019232-2064.0000
CD McMillan (Cant)16258211-1982.0000
SJ Cunis (Cant)132410411-104104.0000
WER Somerville (Ot)2641710511-38105.0000
RJ Nicol (Auck)186710811-27108.0000
PA Hitchcock (Auck)204711311-36113.0000
TT Davis (ND)236613911-66139.0000





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