Twenty20 Bowling in New Zealand for 2005/06 (Ordered by Average)

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RR Shutte (ND)1040     24.00
TI Lythe (Auck)6090     9.00
DL Vettori (ND)180130     4.33
SP Chan (Cant)60140     14.00
GEF Barnett (CD)60170     17.00
DK Butler (WI)180220     7.33
IDR Bradshaw (WI)240220     5.50
MJ Mason (CD)240260     6.50
JAH Marshall (ND)240310     7.75
IJL Trott (Ot)300410     8.20
AP Devcich (ND)300430     8.60
DJ Bowden (Well)240440     11.00
JEC Franklin (NZ,Well)420600     8.57
SJ Cunis (Cant)360680     11.33
JD Ryder (Well)481700     8.75
WC McSkimming (Ot)360730     12.16
JAF Yovich (ND)420770     11.00
DR Smith (WI)200922-94.500010.002.70
DJ Bravo (WI)1601622-168.00008.006.00
CE Shreck (Well)2411622-168.000012.004.00
BJ Arnel (ND)1201822-189.00006.009.00
GW Aldridge (ND)3604344-1910.75109.007.16
CH Gayle (WI)2402222-2211.000012.005.50
CJ Anderson (Cant)4804543-1511.250012.005.62
NL McCullum (Ot)1801311-1313.000018.004.33
PJ Wiseman (Cant)6008062-2013.330010.008.00
LM Burtt (Cant)1201411-1414.000012.007.00
JE Taylor (WI)1803022-3015.00009.0010.00
SB Styris (NZ,Auck)6708652-3317.200013.407.70
TK Canning (Auck)4205532-2218.330014.007.85
SE Bond (NZ,Cant)4805732-1519.000016.007.12
LJ Shaw (Auck)1802011-2020.000018.006.66
GD Elliott (Well)1202211-2222.000012.0011.00
MR Gillespie (Well)4606832-2422.660015.338.86
PA Hitchcock (Auck)6606931-1723.000022.006.27
GS Shaw (Ot)4009342-3423.250010.0013.95
RJ Nicol (Auck)1202411-724.000012.0012.00
CL Cairns (NZ,Cant)8409842-2424.500021.007.00
NJ Astle (NZ,Cant)6007832-2326.000020.007.80
BJ Diamanti (CD)4807932-3826.330016.009.87
BP Martin (ND)4806221-2131.000024.007.75
CS Martin (Auck)6609832-2732.660022.008.90
LJ Hamilton (CD)2203311-3333.000022.009.00
LJ Woodcock (Well)2403411-2434.000024.008.50
MY Pasupati (Auck)6807022-1635.000034.006.17
AJ Redmond (Ot)2403511-3535.000024.008.75
JS Patel (NZ,Well)6607221-2136.000033.006.54
CZ Harris (Cant)5407321-2136.500027.008.11
KD Mills (Auck)1804411-4444.000018.0014.66
NT Broom (Ot)3004511-3345.000030.009.00
LRPL Taylor (CD)4206611-4666.000042.009.42
BE Scott (Ot)3607211-5372.000036.0012.00
EP Thompson (CD)4807311-3773.000048.009.12
BE Hefford (CD)4808311-4683.000048.0010.37





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